5 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Retail

The past two years have seen a sharp rise in the number of online shopping purchases among consumers. Fast forward to 2022, the shopping trend has started to gradually shift back to a pre-pandemic state due to a 44% increase in on-site visits to physical stores since the beginning of 2021.

Still, with the ongoing popularity of e-commerce, there is a challenge for most brick-and-mortar retailers to catch up and engage consumers. The retail industry is continuously looking for ways to reconnect and improve the in-store experience of its customers. And the best strategy to infuse both physical and digital shopping is through the use of digital signage.

Digital signage is an effective and dynamic tool to improve customer experience and encourage repeat business. The use of screens throughout your stores to display your products, videos, and other information helps you interact with your customers, boost your sales, and improve your business. The use of digital signage opens up a multitude of possibilities and options. In what ways then, can digital signage be used for retail?

1. Promote Items and Promos

Upselling and advertising are the two most common reasons why retailers have switched to digital solutions. Nielsen conducted a study and tracked digital signage use in 120 grocery stores and discovered that 4 out of 5 brands experienced as much as 33% increase in sales compared to using print signs. Over 60% of customers also stated that digital signage would persuade them to buy the advertised product in the future. The retail industry, therefore, can take advantage of digital signage to promote its products and promotions.  

As a retailer, you can leverage the use of digital signs to draw the attention of consumers using evocative images and stunning displays. Digital signage can serve as your virtual catalog that your consumers can check to see what you have to offer. You can utilize the use of interactive displays to showcase your product’s information and announce special offers, events, and promotions. It is the best medium you can use to spread product awareness and spotlight your items through the use of eye-catching visuals to attract potential customers and translate them to sales. And to further increase your chances of getting more traffic and in-store visits to your store, you can incorporate videos and animations into your digital signage content to make it more appealing to your customers. Don’t forget to place it strategically so people can easily see and access your content and make purchases accordingly.

2. Inform Customers

Customers want to be informed and know more about you and your products. Today’s marketing landscape puts emphasis on quality content, so if you can provide valuable information to your consumers, then you’re increasing your chances of getting sales. Explain the value of your products and communicate the “why” behind your brand, and you’ll manage to establish strong brand awareness among your customers.  

Aside from product promotions, you can also use digital signage solutions to inform your customers and assist them in finding information to make purchasing decisions. Notify them about your products and services by providing displays that will answer their queries. This will help them access important information about your business without the need to search elsewhere. Remember: useful, engaging, and accessible content displayed on digital signage delivers better results for your company.  

3.  Integrate Social Media

Social media has become a fundamental medium of communication in today’s digital age. In fact, 7 out of 10 Americans use social media to connect and share information. It does not only allow people to interact and discover new trends but, it can also be used as a powerful tool in the retail industry. Your social platform helps you build your brand and expand your reach and engagement. The stronger your social presence is, the bigger your chances are of influencing your consumer’s purchasing decisions.

Having social media digital signage displayed in your retail stores provides your buyers a multichannel customer experience. You can promote campaigns and events through hashtags on your interactive screens and showcase positive reviews from your social accounts. You can also boost your social media presence by displaying your posts or pages and allowing your customers to engage with you even outside the online platform. You can also add other elements to your digital signage like walls and dashboards, live tweets, Instagram-worthy photos, and even influencer videos to build yourself a larger social media following.  

Integrating your social media into your digital signs is an effective way of magnifying your online presence even to your on-site visitors. You won’t just gain additional followers and a LIKE, but you will also see an increase in your revenue.   

4.  Answer FAQs

In e-commerce, the majority of companies create an FAQ page on their websites for their consumers. But what are FAQs and why are they important in your business?

Frequently Asked Questions, or simply FAQs, serve as a channel for customer service in which companies communicate with their visitors to guide them towards making a purchase. It’s a self-service application used to provide answers to common questions about the site’s products or services. It helps boost sales and reduce customer requests for phone calls and emails. In order to establish a better customer experience and provide quick answers to their most frequently asked questions, you can harness the use of digital signage without the need to build your website.

Digital signage enables you to begin a conversation with your clients before they can even ask questions. It offers instant solutions to those who have concerns or questions. It addresses the needs of your customers because it allows you to present multiple things on your screens at once. It’s cheaper and better than printing booklets for them. Not only does it inform people using creative presentations, but it also instantly reaches a wider audience. Information and messages can also be updated in real-time without incurring additional costs.  

5. Display reviews

Earning the trust of consumers and acquiring loyal clients are important in the retail industry. The majority of them check reviews first on businesses before making any purchase. This only proves how essential it is for companies to receive 5-star reviews and recommendations on their products and services to attract more potential buyers. Real customer reviews increase the authenticity of retail companies and encourage new clients to make purchases with them.

With digital signage, people no longer have to browse your company’s website or social media accounts just to check your ratings. You can just simply collect your product reviews from Google or other sites, create a slideshow, and display it on your signage for everyone to see. 

Upgrade Your Business Now Using Digital Signage

These are just some of the many ways you can optimize the use of digital signage for retail. It’s one of the best and most effective tools to communicate to customers and share your product and company information. If you wish to improve your customer’s in-store shopping experience, then it’s now time to make the switch and start using digital signage for your business.

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