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      How to Use Digital Signage to Boost Employee Motivation and Engagement

      When employees are engaged, they feel a connection to their employer's business.  They are more motivated, more productive, and produce higher quality work. Unfortunately, according to Gallup, the engagement rate has been dropping over the past few years, and only 32% of employees were found to be engaged in 2022. The benefits a company receives from an engaged workforce are significant, and many employers are focusing on improving it to elevate their company's competitive edge and grow the business. 

      One tool that they have started utilizing is digital signage. With its many features and advantages, employers realize how effective it is in improving the company’s internal communication, workplace environment, and employee retention.

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      5 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Manufacturing

      In today's fast-paced world, it has become increasingly difficult to capture people's attention and convey information effectively using outdated, static displays. Enter digital signage---a flexible and versatile technology that displays multimedia content and responds to the need for more modern, dynamic, and customizable solutions that can revolutionize the way you communicate. 

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      Top 5 Benefits of Digital Signage in the Workplace

      Digital signage is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with employees. By utilizing technology to display their own content and integrating business applications, companies can regularly provide intentional messaging to engage their employees and enhance the employee experience. 

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      5 Tips to Remember When Designing Engaging Digital Signage Content

      An engaging internal communication strategy is vital to a healthy workplace, and digital signage is one of the most effective tools for helping you deliver on that strategy. Sharing your company messaging on TV’s is more effective than most other communication tools, and if you’re looking to get even more engagement from your employees, it may be time to reevaluate how you’re sharing your company’s most important messages.

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