Why You should add Digital Signage as an Employee Communication Channel in your Workplace

Digital signage is a dynamic, engaging communication tool. When used effectively, it can increase transparency within your company and help your employees feel well-informed. As great as digital signage is, it shouldn't be the only solution in your internal communication strategy.

Let’s face it - you’re not going to stop sending emails, shut down your office intranet, or eliminate all shared messaging apps. Employees need multiple communication channels for different work tasks, but these channels are used most effectively when there is a single unifying thread that ties your messages together. You need a system that is versatile, innovative, and dynamic – and digital signage is the solution.


Here's a deeper look into how digital signage works with other commonly used communication platforms.

Digital Signage and Email

The average employee gets over 90 emails per day. Emails can easily be routed in spam folders, accidentally (or purposefully) deleted, or buried in a sea of other communication threads. Email is also one of the least engaging ways to communicate with your employees. So why do many organizations still use email for internal communications?

Emails are quick and easy to send company-wide, and nearly everyone is familiar with how to use an email inbox. Emails also allow the user to control when and how they respond to messages. While this isn't necessarily ideal if you want to know whether your message has been received, it does prevent your employees from being interrupted every time a coworker has a question.

To use email most effectively, combine it with the benefits of digital signage for a better impact. Digital signs are a great avenue to advertise important events or upcoming deadlines with most critical information - date, times, and location. As employees pass by the signs throughout the day, they are continually reminded of the event dates and times along with important deadlines.  Details around the events and deadlines, such as open enrollment or log in credentials for town hall meetings can be sent via email to allow employees to refer to at their convenience.

Digital Signage and Messaging Apps

Whether your organization uses public messaging apps, such as Slack or Teams, or an internal program on your corporate intranet, messaging apps can help you communicate with teammates quickly. Communication can be organized into different channels for easy search functions, and messages can be directed to small work groups or your entire organization.

By integrating these apps with digital signage, you can post an entire channel or individual #hashtag messages.  This is great for employees that have digital signs in areas where they may not have access to your Teams or Slack workspaces.   Digital signage also increases the likelihood that employees will see important messages, even if they aren't checking the messaging apps regularly.

Digital Signage and Social Media

Although some companies view social media as a personal channel rather than a professional one, many are using social media as a way to connect with employees, give your brand a voice and maintain conversations with customers. 

Incorporating social media channels into digital signage allows your employees to see what the company is saying to the public.  Strategically sharing feeds or #hashtags with displays dedicated for specific teams allows them to see real-time product or feature needs, view customer success stories as well as address any customer or product support needs right away.

Digital Signage and Town Hall Meetings

"Town Hall" meetings, or company-wide informational meetings, can be a great way to connect your employees with upper management teams. These info sessions can be very engaging and serve as a way to gather feedback from your employees while fostering an inclusive environment. If your workforce is working remotely or scattered in multiple locations, you can hold a virtual town hall to make it easier for everyone to attend.

Using digital signage to support your town hall meetings can help you deliver the greatest impact and keep the motivation factor alive long after the meeting has ended. Before the meeting, display reminders of the date and time on your digital signs to increase buy-in and attendance. You can also invite employees to submit questions or ideas in advance to customize the meeting for the needs of your employees. After the town hall, display your appreciation to those who attended, reminders of important takeaways, and any follow-up actions that came from the meeting. This will not only help your employees remember the value of the town hall but will also help any employees who didn't attend to see the value of attending next time.

Digital Signage as Your Communication Backbone

Your company likely uses multiple communication platforms, and digital signage can be the backbone that ties them all together. Using your digital signs, you can support your messages for maximum impact and engagement with your employees.

For a personalized plan to tie your communication strategy together using digital signage, we invite you to sign up for a free demonstration with a member of our Indigo team. This demo will give you a great understanding how digital signage can best integrate with your current communication channels.