Workplace Communication: The Value of Employee Engagement

From senior management to frontline worker, you will discover that the strength of your company’s culture is a direct reflection of the quality of your communication in the workplace.

Companies that place a high priority on communication don’t only survive, but thrive, even in the most challenging times. You will also find that those companies are inherently more profitable, more productive and experience much less turnover. Yes, communication is that important.

There is no doubt that workplace communication is a necessity. However, it’s the quality of your employee communication that has the greatest impact on the performance of your culture.

When companies place a high value on the quality of communication, they also value the impression it makes on their audience. In other words, high quality communication says to your workforce, “We value you as an individual and the contributions you make.”

Workplace communication serves essential functions in every organization. It can convey an important safety rule or policy or can be used to announce an organization’s new Health and Wellness initiative. It can also be used to establish best practices or to share motivational messages to enhance teamwork and productivity.

Whatever the case, the goal is to create employee interest and engagement. Actually, effective communication is no different than effective marketing … with a focus placed on carving out critical and limited mindshare from your employees. And just like in marketing, the success of the engagement is all in how you “spin it”.

In addition to the quality of your workplace communication, another important factor is the method you choose to deliver it. There are multiple platforms to consider … each with its own advantages. There is the more traditional method of printed communication such as posters, flyers, newsletters and banners. This approach is typically ideal for smaller organizations or those working with limited financial resources. When designed and displayed professionally, these materials can be a wonderful addition to your existing communication efforts. Yet, for larger organizations or those with greater budgets, nothing equals the reach of digital signage in the workplace. With its ability to instantly share unlimited content in constant rotation, digital signage reigns as king of all workplace communication platforms. Complementing its unrivaled engagement benefits, digital signage is also the ultimate collaboration tool for multiple departments … creating a centralized communication zone for your culture.

Regardless of what approach you take, elevating the quality of your workplace communication will have immediate, sustainable results for both your organization’s culture and its bottom line.