2021: A Defining Year for More Effective Workplace Communication

When we first looked at writing this blog post, the world hadn’t heard of Coronavirus, and neither did we fathom the impact this virus would have on us all. We were going to write about the main reasons companies throughout the US and even globally are turning to digital signage as a way of communicating with their staff.

But now with the outbreak of COVID-19, an entirely new series of reasons for implementing a digital signage system in your workplace have come forward. Before delving into them all, let’s first start off by telling you what digital signage is.

What is digital signage?

In 2020, workplace communication has been a trending topic, but it’s not just a trend which has emerged this year. The growing need to effectively communicate with employees has been emerging in the past few years, and it’s not surprising as the benefits of effectively communicating with your colleagues and teams are vast. A study by International Data Corporation (IDC) has shown that improved communication could raise the productivity of interaction between workers by 20 to 25 percent. That improved productivity creates a more cohesive culture, resulting in the fiscal well-being of the companies they work for. 

It’s been established that better internal communication results in increased productivity, but how can digital signage enhance this to a much greater level? Specifically, digital signage breaks through the information barriers you and your team experience on a daily basis by providing key messages and important workplace content via TV screens strategically placed throughout your organization. 

With the amount of information we’re expected to process every day, important communication can slip through the cracks, especially if that information is being shared on bulletin boards and emails. These communication methods have become truly inadequate, which is where digital signage excels with its unlimited reach and capabilities. When implemented correctly, digital signage is an incredibly powerful advantage guaranteed to benefit any workplace. 

How digital signage can impact a crisis such as the COVID-19

This is where we come full circle regarding the recent outbreak of Coronavirus. With so many businesses transitioning their staff to work remotely or temporarily suspending operations, there are still many businesses deemed essential to our infrastructure dedicated to remaining open. Essential manufacturing plants and distribution industries are still operating in full force creating an even greater demand for employees to take all necessary precautions to stay healthy.

With this heightened need for critical safety awareness, memos or posted information is simply not enough.

With digital signage, you are assured that critical COVID-19 preventive content is delivered in high rotation on displays strategically located for maximum influence on engagement retention. So, when we discuss digital signage, we are referring to a communication platform that provides a consistent message, creating immediate impact with unlimited reach. This is the power of digital signage. It’s now easier than ever to instantly share your message across your entire workforce.

The right digital signage platform

Are you asking yourself what’s the right digital signage software for my organization?  You should be looking for an innovative digital signage software that allows you to easily schedule content while managing your signs from any computer or mobile device. For greater impact and convenience, features such as professionally designed PowerPoint templates and an extensive workplace content library can literally add hours back to your workday. This is where Indigo shines!

In appreciation for reading this article, we want to share Indigo’s most recent COVID-19 content for you to download and display for the ongoing health of your employees.

In closing, on behalf of the entire Indigo Team, we want to express our deepest condolences to all of those individuals and their loved ones whose lives have been personally impacted by the COVID-19 virus. We also extend our sincerest appreciation to all of the essential organizations continuing to work daily, keeping our country’s infrastructure strong for many generations to come.