Taking Control of Your Culture through Better Workplace Communication

Culture. How would you define yours?


Have you considered its impact on morale — and even profits?  Typically, corporate cultures are made, not born.  And, our experience has shown that creating a healthy culture is not as simple as checking a box. It’s an intentional, ongoing process.  Though you may find the challenge of improving your culture a little daunting — or nearly impossible, it is well worth your effort.

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  Ford’s observations more than a century ago are just as relevant today.  He understood people and the power of teamwork.  Likewise, your success thrives on employee engagement, as well — built on a shared understanding of core values and vision.

With this firm foundation, your business is free to flourish in an environment that supports well-being and productivity.  And it takes more than great employee benefits to get there.  For example, Google, known for lavish employee perks, attributes its exemplary work culture to the enterprise-wide awareness of its core values.

At Indigo Vizual, we are your agents for change — and continuous improvement.  Enriching your culture is our passion.  In fact, we help businesses like yours thrive from the inside out by ensuring consistent messaging across your enterprise that empowers and supports your employees.

Think about it. Do you energize and inspire your employees with your communication?   Do you prioritize employee engagement? From the front door to the back parking lot and the break room to the cafeteria, are you delivering the quality of communication that makes your employees feel valued and appreciated?

Communicating Values

The reality is that you are communicating even when you are not communicating, so why not deliver potent messages that fortify the connective tissue of your company’s culture?

Here are some suggestions to help you take control of your culture:

  • Make corporate communication a priority

  • Keep employees informed and empowered through the real-time advantage of digital signage

  • Focus on creating awareness of important human resource and safety awareness initiatives

  • Consider a variety of platforms when delivering relevant information

  • Encourage feedback and the continuous improvement of communication methods

Above all, be deliberate about crafting a culture that reflects company core values and empowers employees.  Make your message matter as much as your employees do — and experience the positive results.

Looking for the best way to engage your workforce?  Give us 20 minutes and we’ll show you how.